Saturday, September 8, 2007

Rider's Log 9.7.07 Wondervu 1st time!

Made it! Didn't even feel like i would. Legs were strong at the start, felt faster until after rest at 93 and 86th. approach to longview was more difficult than it's been. muscle burn/pain. kept going. was sure i was going to turn around. just kept going-pushed through it. pain left somewhere after rest at cattle drive rd. rested again at fire station. rested at power place. road past german restaurant. rested. hardest part of climb was fire station to post german. upright climbing didn't work so i spent most of the time with hands on the brake hoods mashing out the hills.
really nice stretch up toward the top - forested, cool. incline not steep.
wondervu was very quiet. took pictures at the top. was cold on the descent. a strong wind for the east slowed the descent (probably helped the climb a bit.)
rested at five parks. took an extra loop up westminster blvd to 112th to sheridan.
gatorade in water. 2.5 triple threat powerbars.
started at 8:15. wondervu at 11:00. home at 12:30. distance 55+

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