Saturday, October 27, 2007

nachos, blue men, a cat and crushed Rocks

ate some nachos with tillamook ceddar,  watching a blue man group dvd, and now my cat's curled up on my arm.  Rockies are getting crushed by the Red Sox. 

tillamook cheese is great.  the best cheddar.  i went overboard with the cheese on my doubledecker nachos tonight, however.

i really love the creativity and imagery of the BMG.  pair that with great sounds and you've got me hooked.

my cat curls up on my arm when i sit on the couch with my 'puter on my lap.  i wish she'd curl up under my arm but she won't have it.  makes typing slow.

Oh gee.  the Rockies scored 2 runs.  For some reason it makes me depressed as if it's ME on the line.  I had to turn away from the wreck.  the dismembering.  I guess if anything great is going to happen with my life, i'm going to have to do it and i'll need to stop hoping for my sports teams to do it for me...haha

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