Friday, October 26, 2007

Sadness in America

i feel like crap today.  migraine...on my day off.  slept until 11.  took a long, hot shower which usually helps the 'graine go away.  warmed up some good food from the 'fridge that my lovely wife made (love you, L) and sat down on the couch to read some blogs and veg in front of the TV in the dark den of our house.
the sunlight hurts.  The TV hurts more.

first show on the tube - steve wilkos.  i think he used to be a bouncer on Springer and now he has his own show.
topic:  man that pimps his wife and makes "$6000 a day"  he' been doing it since she was 14 and now this steve guy is going to save the prostitute.
bumper before commercials "do you have a story that will make steve explode with anger?"

steve is trying to aggravate the guy to take a swing at him so they can fight on stage.  i'm betting that if the guest pimpguy takes the first swing,  steve won't be charged with assault.
"steve!  steve! steve!"  the audience chants.

The woman in this story wants out.  She "loves" the pimp guy.  She wants to stop her prostitution.  She is hurting.  Why does she do it?  "I don't know no other way of life."  2 children at home and 4 months pregnant.  She is soft spoken and sad.

(commercial: "you can live the life you want and make the money you deserve.")

Now Steve is railing on the woman.  She is weeping.  She wants to change.  She doesn't know what to do.  He is doing a "scared straight" on her.

20 minutes left.  Will she leave pimp guy?  Will Steve save her?

steve was a policeman.  chicago PD.

She wants to go to school, get a job.  "Are you ready to stop making excuses?", he demands to know.

"He always told me that if he didn't love me he wouldn't hit me"

"I'm done and I can't do this no longer."

"Shut up.  Shut yor mouth.  You better shut yor mouth and sit back in that chair.  How you eatin?  Who's baby is in you?"  Pimp.

"He's not pimpin' me no more."  She can barely raise her voice at him.

Pimp guy gets kicked out.  Woman promises Steve she's done.

Show ends.

Steve tells everyone, "Thanks for coming."

My head still hurts.

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BottleBlonde said...

Now THAT is quality TV right there. Who needs Oprah when you have Steve to sort out your life for you?