Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Last Weekend

Last Friday was horrible. Massive headache. Migraine. Pain. I was up early and started a repair job on the car at 9:00 but felt so badly that by 10 I was in a dark place in the house with a blanket over my head. I stayed that way until 10 that night.

Saturday I made up for lost time by getting a lot done. I met over breakfast with a guy I mentor professionally, unloaded a freezer that someone gave to us, loaded, unloaded and stacked a load of wood, got the lawn aerated, worked some wrench magic replacing two belts on the car engine, late in the day rode 25 miles on the bike and cooked chicken on the BBQ. It was a good day.

Sunday afternoon we all met at the in-laws for some of mom-in-law's gooood fried chicken, relaxed hanging out and some weird physical challenges. How long can you hold one leg out and extended while you sit in a chair? How long can you stand on one foot? How long can you hold a push-up position - two hands and two feet with your body straight? The competition was tough and ruthless! I don't want to brag about my domination of the events...cause that would be lying. I didn't dominate, but I did compete.

Had any good family times lately?

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