Thursday, April 3, 2008



Moved from the couch to the bed at 5:10 a.m. (L is out of town - fell asleep watching Seinfeld)

5:15 a.m. L15's first alarm goes off. (last night i kindly told L15 and A16 that i'm not waking them anymore at 5:40 a.m.)

5:20 L15's second alarm

5:25 L15's third alarm

5:45 A16 alarm goes off

6:00 Me up and in the shower

6:10 out of shower.

6:20 encounter L15 dashing from bathroom to bedroom(they catch the bus at 6:25)

6:20 While Alex is standing bewildered in the dark, casually tell L15, "Hey, I don't know what your plans are for getting to school this morning, but I'm leaving at 7:00 and will be headed in the direction of the school on my way to meet Bill." major relief from A16 and L15.

7:00 leave house and take kids to school. A16 says he wasn't worried about getting to school cause he knew he'd get a ride.

7:01 Make plan for how to be unavailable to give him a ride next time he over sleeps. (natural consequences?)

7:20 Call L and chat with her. (Forget to wish her Happy Birthday) Go to wrong Starbuck's.

7:40 Correct Starbuck's with Bill. Remember I forgot to tell L Happy Birthday. Chat about all things important - Rockies, Bill's move to NC, marriages, kids, wacky family.

10:15 arrive at work. read The American Church in least try to focus. email.

IMG_398211:30 Wonderful couple arrives with new cloth banner for CM space. Hang banner downstairs. It looks wonderful.

12:20 20 minutes late to lunch with special guest, Derek, from Kennsington Church. Creative and good place.

1:10 leave lunch early. Organize office a bit. Check a blog or two. Write this post

4:00 will leave to pick up A16 from home and take him to school for the Battle of the Bands. Take Lizzy home from track.

4:45 TBD. it's my Friday!!!! Maybe enjoy a precious Chili beer?

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