Monday, February 2, 2009

Christmas Eve Family Worship Service - check out the videos!

During the Christmas Eve Family service at Arvada Covenant Church our goal is to make sure that everyone that walks through the doors knows the events of the Christmas story;  or, if they already are familiar with the story, that they leave with a deeper sense of wonder, amazement and awe about the birth of Jesus Christ as a baby and God's unstoppable plan to be our Savior.

To make this work in a family setting with kids that are pumped and excited because it's Christmas Eve, we tell the story several different engaging ways. Adults sing hymns that tell the story of angels, wise men and shepherds while children costumed as shepherds, angels and wise men are led through the sanctuary.  We have enough costumes for any child that wants to participate.  We also use parents to portray the events of the Christmas story narrated with the text of the Bible.  One other modality we use to tell the story is video.  We interview children in the weeks before Christmas and ask them to tell us what they know about the story.  The videos are funny, sincere and always touching and make great transitions during the parts of the service.  If you'd like to watch the videos, they are posted on the Arvada Covenant Church website here: Christmas Eve Children's videos

We close the service with a 5-7 minute child-targeted message with a simple, repeatable bottom line.  Finally we all sing Silent Night and, instead of open flame candlelight, we use glow sticks.  These are a big hit with kids, provide a nice environment, are safe for everyone and give kids something to take home with them to remind them of the service.

During the family service, most everyone has the opportunity to be actively involved in some part.  The service lasts about 45 minutes and is a great reminder to everyone attending about the miracle and wonder of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Be sure to watch the kids in the videos.  c.u.t.e.