Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weekend Plans

  • Thursday night - attend the Advanced Placement orientation at SLHS - done.  same as last year but quicker and less boring.
  • Friday - fix my mountain bike: new freewheel and chain - done.  new cassette and chain (sram).
  • repair the Christmas tree lights and store the thing.  yes it's still out.  frayed wire from the kittens going ballistic inside the tree.  the ornaments are all put away.  done.  M14 and i did this in a quick 15 minutes.  now it's ready for next year.
  • shop and select carpet for stage in ministry room  no!  need to get this done!
  • make a plan for wiring and lighting layout in the basement no!  come on!
  • 2 couples over for dinner on Saturday done!  my wife is a great host.  we laughed and had a good time.
  • Red Rocks steps no!  come on!  decided to get home and help prepare for the superbowl guests.
  • Lead and teach at church done!  good times.  used mediashout to run almost everything in the large-group environment.
  • ride twice  rode once. and not very far.  rode with someone i hadn't ridden with before.
  • Super Bowl party at our house  done!  watched a good game with great friends.

need to get that carpet purchased and the lighting plan done.

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