Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rider's Log 8.06.07 - North Table Mesa

North Table Mesa w/David and Stacee. Caught trail at house off of Easley.
Quick grind up. Stopped a few times when the trail pointed up. hiked it up the switchback and the final rise to the top. Would like to be able to ride this in the near future and I should be able to do that.
Cut across the mesa on the double track west and on return headed on spur single track to the north.
Rained a lot the night before so much mud.
Saw many does, two bucks - 10 pt and 8 pt.
Helicopter circled for about 5 minutes; probably checking out the deer.
Trail disappeared - made our own through the tall grass. Very fun.
Cruised down. still sketchy on descents. need to learn to let go of the brakes.
Phenomenal view!

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