Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rider's Update 8.28.07 - Intervals

I rode again this morning. I decided to do some interval training for the first time in many years. Interval training is an effort to max your heart rate for short (usually) periods of time followed by a quick recovery and more max effort. Ride hard for an interval, recover for an interval. This training is so great because it works the heart and increases aerobic capacity (i think) and improves recovery time from hard work during rides. This makes a difference in hilly areas because the effort it takes to climb a hill increases your heart rate. The more you train this way in addition to a good mileage base, the easier it is to recover on the bike after a sprint or a tough hill climb. Being able to recover from hard effort quickly is so important to success.
After a 15 minutes of warm up riding i went to the city park and rode up "the hill" at the park. I didn't count, but i think i did this hill about 8 times at maximum effort followed by a coast down the hill, turning around and heading back up. Each "up" took about two minutes and the down took about 1 minute. I did a 15 warm down ride and ended up at home.
9 miles. 1 hour. Intervals - maximum effort.

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