Friday, August 17, 2007

Rider's Log 8.17.07 Standley Lak

1:45 19 miles on the mountain bike up to Standley Lake from the house. Around north side of lake to bald eagle habit boundary; then all the way around the lake to the west side of the lake/habit boundary. flatted on the way back - i think it was the thorns from my last ride working their way out or in. it was a slow leak so i stopped 4 times to pump hoping i could avoid a patch on the trail. no luck. patched and raced the still slow leak home. fun ride. felt some good juice in the legs.

i just finished about 1.5 hours doing bike maintenance. patching some tubes, making adjustments, shuffling things around in the garage. max's rear wheel was so loose! nuts on axle had just worked themselves loose from the jumping stuff he's been doing lately. he's pounding that little gary fisher he has!

tomorrow i'm going to do 3 hours early before L14's volleyball team parent brunch. i'm looking forward to seeing how far up the mountain i can get towards the elusive wondervu! still hoping to slap the sign of the wondervu cafe at 8900 feet!

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Rach said...

Hey John,
This is pretty impressive. And thanks for your comment on my blog.... yes, still persevering!! My boyfriend isn't actually into Parkour per se, but we both love it, and I want to start trying some..that's what I am gearing up to, anyhow:) It is pretty cool, and some of the guys we did our British London charity 10K run for on 1st July are well respected UK parkour practitioners.

Wish we had some mountains like you guys - must be had work cycling up them in this time though...well done!! Kind and happy wishes,
rach the brit:)