Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday 1.19.09

5:00 a.m.  Alarm goes off.  Hit snooze

5:09 a.m.  Alarm goes off.  hit snooze

5:18 a.m.  Alarm goes off.  hit snooze

5:24 a.m.  Alarm goes off.  wonder if i can sleep 15 more minutes and still make Panera in Superior by 7.

5:25 a.m.  Shower, etc.  morning routine.

6:50 leave for Panera to meet with Tim @7:00 - my friend and children's ministry colleague. 

7:10  Panera.  egg soufflé and bagel with hot tea.

7:40  Tim, delayed, arrives. i realize i could have slept those extra 15 minutes.

7:40  Catching up and thinking of the future.  He graduated from CU in December with a Mech. E.  BS.  Job market is tight right now.

8:50  Drive to work

9:15  Focus on God, his authority in my life and my position in relationship to that truth.  "This is a gracious thin, when, mindful of God, one endures sorrows while suffer unjustly....For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for yo, leaving you and example, so that you might follow in his steps."  I Peter 2:19-21

9:40  CM Ministry Team Monday morning check-in and prayer.

10:20 Update and print weekly to-do list.  Transfer items that didn't get done last week to this week's list

10:30  Talk with Pastor about tomorrow's brainstorming session for Relational Evangelism strategies.  Good chat.

11:20 Finish to-do list.

11:30 Review Elementary curriculum for February 8, 2009.  The Good Samaritan - Treat everyone fairly - even those who are different.

12:10 p.m.  Pull out Leader's Guide for 1.25 lesson and begin weekly preparations.  goal - get ALL the prep for this week done today.

12:20  Talk with ministry assistant about gathering a few people to reorganize a ministry storage closet.

12:30  back to preparing 1.25 lesson

1:00  quick meet to select activities for 2.8.09 1st-5th graders.

1:15  back to work on 1.25 material - outlining lesson

2:40  converting video file from QuickTime to AVI.  cracked the error code message i started receiving last week by selecting a different file destination.  (desktop rather than a my documents location)

3:25  outlining, song selection, powerpoint, video conversion, iPod loading done.  Starting weekly leader email draft to be sent on Wednesday.

3:30  Phone call from Phoenix Dave.  Got his advice on heart rate monitors.  Listen to new U2 single released:

4:00  Conversation about the future direction of the young adult ministry

4:35  Wrote draft email to send to leaders on Wednesday.

5:05   Finish this post.  Shut down.  Go home.  Successful day.  Tomorrow we become and Obamanation. 


jonathan said...

Geesh. If I followed your twitter feed I'd think you just searched Facebook all day...

John In Colorado said...

mt little pastor! today was actually a facebook freed day - an FBFD. most days that IS all i do and then i make up all the work on saturday night.