Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weekend Plans - update

I posted this list last week on Thursday:

Thought I'd throw down what i want to do this weekend and then check back with myself on Monday and see how i did...

  • Thursday night family hang, drinks with my wife  - had a great time out with my wife at Steuben's in Denver.  great food (grits and shrimp!) and great conversation with my wife.  Our love for each other is growing.
  • Men with Goats meet up - 4 of the 5 goats met on friday morning.  good conversation with good guys in different stages of life.  it's real and honest - at least i am.
  • ride 2 hours- 2 times - rode 3 hours on friday (31 miles) and 1 hour on saturday (chain broke)
  • Friday movie (with A16?) - didn't do this.  i wanted to see valkyrie but he had other things he wanted to do.
  • Saturday morning breakfast with men from church - didn't do this.  i was behind on sleep and chose pastor pillow, instead.  i heard it was a good gathering.
  • select  and purchase carpet for the Launch Pad stage - didn't do this and still haven't.  maybe tomorrow? 
  • Red Rocks steps with L15 - nope.  it was 20 degrees and snowing.  we opted out.
  • Teaching/leading at church - yes i did.  it was fun as usual!
  • Annual Meeting at church - yes siree.
  • get some stuff on eBaby - 2 new Leatherman Juice - a Bach 16M trombone? - guitar effects pedal - did it.  listed the guitar processor and one Juice.  hope they sell.
  • make a plan for wiring lighting in the basement. - somewhat but not so much.

the list was motivating.  maybe i'll do it again this weekend.  Do you make lists?

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