Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rider's Log 1.24.09 Big Dry Creek/Standley Lake Mud...broken chain

I headed west on the Big Dry Creek Trail this afternoon and rode around the north side of Standley Lake along the shoreline.  The water is lower in the winter so a lot is exposed that's normally under water.  there's open space to ride right along the water to the bald eagle boundary.  Gary (my mtn bike) and I had a fun time in the mud.  Unfortunately, the mud gunked up my old chain and it failed.  Too bad i didn't have my chain tool with me.

I skate pushed and rolled my bike down to the Sooper's at Church Ranch and Wads and Laura picked me up. 

I sure was enjoying exploring around the lake in the places where i normally can't ride.  I'll be back.

Distance:  about 10 miles  Time: about an hour  Avs:  i don't know.


0124091435  0124091457

somehow my phonecam color got set on "aqua."  nice effect.  the first pic is of the shore of the lake looking west towards the mountains. the second is my bike with great globs of gooey, righteous mud.  i had to stand on stones to keep from sinking in the mud.  my chain broke about ten minutes after.

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