Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rider's Log 1.23.09 - Coal Creek Trail/Community Ditch/Spring Brook Loop


Distance 31 miles.  Time: 3:10.  Avs: 10.5   Temperature: 27-32 degrees

Left from the Flatirons Church office lot around 9:30 with Michael Koehn.  We rode out to the Boulder County open space and took a clockwise loop on the new Spring Brook Loop South.  Nice loop of a about 2.5 miles.  Counterclockwise wise might be a better way to go.  Since it's been really warm the last week, most all of the mud was dry except for some shady spots in the BoCo OS up next to the mountains and in the trees.  The return was a bit cold and both Michael and I were a bit chilled by the time we were done.  We were cold toast.

Definitely a sweet ride for January.  It should be a good year.

January 23 2009.03   

Boulder County Open Space

January 23.2009 01

Looking north at the flatirons

January 23.2009 02    January 23.2009 04


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