Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not busy enough for my own good?

Yesterday was a bust for me at work. I wasn't busy enough. I had a great opportunity to get a day ahead on my stuff. Wendy, one the assistants, is back in the office after a few weeks out. I'd been doing her stuff the last few weeks which took 4-5 hours on Monday or Tuesday and the extra work made me be efficient with my time each day. Yesterday, I didn't have the extra 4 hours of stuff to do, my afternoon appointment canceled, and the result was a whole block of extra time in the afternoon. I didn't use it well. I wasted it.

no guilt, though. I know what i need to do differently. stay busy.

i use the countdown timer on my sporty watch to measure and make me aware of the time i spend on the internet. i don't like saying it, but the 'net is compulsive and a bit obsessive for me. often, i'll be working on something at my desk and without any conscious thought, i'll have switched myself to the computer looking at sports scores, email or headlines or whatever distracts me. when i am managing this well, i set the timer on the watch for 30 minutes and check my email 2 times per hour. i keep the computer closed and i even have another time set for 5 minutes to remind me to keep it quick. i need that.

this system works very well for me when i am busy with plenty of urgent and important things to do. however, when i have work to do that can wait, and extra time in my schedule, i don't manage this as well. yesterday was one of those days - extra time and no pressure to get things done. i wasted time.

Today? No chance. A ton to do. Two appointments this afternoon. I will get a lot done. i promise.

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