Thursday, March 20, 2008



5:45 am wake up A15 and L14; back in bed

6:15 am out of bed. see kids off, sit on chair and ponder deep things

6:45 am shower; iron clothes; gather lunch

7:50am leave for work. get angry at BIG truck that pulled out in front of oncoming traffic

8:00am Target stop for gum. I wanted gum

8:30am in office. realize i am angry. emails, paper shuffle, phone calls. stuff.

10:10am write this post

11:30am leave for lunch appointment with GREAT friend. we share REAL. looking forward to it

1:30 pm back in office. prep for sunday.

3:00 meet with storyteller for 3.30.08 to plan

3:45pm leave for L14's 1st track meet. i am excited for her!

Dinner. Home. Drink a Billy's Chilies bomber or connect with Curt for other activities.


try again tomorrow.

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