Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rider's Log 3.26.08 Intervals

Distance 24.2 miles Ride time 1:48 AVS 13.4 mph

Big Dry Creek Trail to I-25 to Farmer's High Line to Big Dry Creek +

Did the Carmichael 2x2 interval workout: warm up, 5 2x2s, 5 minute recovery, 5 2x2s. rode another 12 miles after.

Rode down the spur off the High Line trail that's parallel to I-25 and over the pedestrian overpass over I-25. It was actually kinda spooky - a 4' narrow path totally fenced in with chain link 30-40 feet over car and truck flying by at 80 mph.

the interval training is amazing. i'm looking forward to discovering the results of this workout when i jump on the road bike and head into the mountains. at some point, i'll need to increase the maximum output intervals to 7 or 8 minutes so i can take on the steep rises in the canyons.

I am so encouraged to be riding in March for the first time in 4 years.

March goal: 120 miles. So far - 120 miles. I'm gonna try and top it my 40 or 50% in the next two days.

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