Monday, March 24, 2008

Stupid Human Tricks

Campus cops nab mirror slinging suspect

By Jessica Fender
The Denver Post

Article Last Updated: 03/24/2008 09:30:44 AM MDT

A shattered mirror means bad luck for two Boulder men: Rolf William Johnson, the college student arrested for throwing the object from a dorm room window, and an unidentified man seriously injured by the falling glass.

The 19-year-old Johnson, a University of Colorado at Boulder student from Pennsylvania, sat in Boulder County Jail Saturday on reckless endangerment and second- and third-degree assault charges.

Campus police arrived outside the Stearns West Residence Hall early Friday morning to find shattered glass and a 20-year-old male victim heavily bleeding from where the mirror struck him on the neck and back of the head.

He was sent by ambulance to Boulder Community Hospital, where staff did not release his condition.

A 19-year-old woman, also unidentified, suffered lacerations to her feet from ricocheting shards of glass. She was released after being treated on the scene.

Police believe Johnson threw or dropped the mirror from one of the windows in the 13-story dorm building on Friday around 2:30 a.m.

Hmmm. I wonder what the likelihood is that he was NOT as smashed as his mirror......I'm lucky I never did that in my college days. I was perfectly capable of something like that. I feel bad for the people on the ground. and for the stupid guy.

Imagine the conversation....Rolf: "Hi, Mom? Ummm. I'm in jail. Why? I threw the mirror from my 13th floor dorm room out the window and almost killed someone."   Mom: "Well, good luck with that, son. Let me know how you like jail."  I hope his parents don't rescue him from this one and let him feel the heat and consequences of his actions.

12:15 UPDATE:  Evidently drugs or alcohol were not involved.  wow.  Interesting that he is still being held until he pays his bond.  maybe mom and dad wouldn't or couldn't pay it for him so he's sitting in jail and trying to figure out what to do.  denver post article  i can't wait to find out what his motivation was.

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