Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rider's Log 3.29.08 - too much?

Distance 25.1 miles. Ride time 1:58. Total time 2:00. Avs 12.7 mph. Temp high 60s

BDCT to I-25 then west and north around lake east of McKay Landing. Back to BDCT home. My time to I-25 was sub28 but was wind aided. My legs were empty west bound and i really crawled back. I'm thinking that the interval work has taken a toll on my legs this early in the season w/o enough recovery time and a long ride mileage base. 82 miles in 4 days with a couple of days of intervals/high intensity. Nutrition could make a difference, too. i had two eggs for breakfast at about 9:30 which was nearly two hours before the ride. My tank could have been empty.

A great 4 days of time on the bike. I'm looking forward to some long 3+ hour rides on the trail system and really looking forward to early sunrises and hitting the road on the road bike.

March goal: 120 miles. Total so far: 188. I'll need to sneak in 12 easy miles tomorrow afternoon to hit the 200 mark. 200 miles in March will be the most since 2002 and living in sunny Arizona.

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