Friday, July 27, 2007

Breaking News!

John rides 37 (updated) today. 2 hours up the mountain - 1 hour back. More details to follow.
Depart: 6:30 a.m. Westminster, CO. Turn around point: Coal Creek Fire Station @ 8:30 a.m. Finish @ home: 9:40 a.m.
I thought that i rode to Wondervu. I didn't. Wondervu is actually 5 more miles UP the road but i didn't know this until i took a drive with my family up this same canyon on Saturday. I'll make that my goal next week.
Some highlights of the ride: the majorly long train that was coming up the mountain out of Denver on it's way west. it came around the southern hill at Plainview Road (in the aerial, you can see the train tracks winding from bottom to top.) and was so long that, at one point, the front end was out of sight to the north and the back end was out of sight to the south but the whole thing was stretched out in front of me across the opening to the canyon. it seemed like it was a mile long and the whole scene was like a small scale train set in someone's basement that had come to life. i'll have to take a picture of that point because it is very mountain scenic.
Also, the weather was humid, the clouds were low and the road still had standing water on the shoulder. it was cool and nice.
I almost broke at the same point where i turned around the week before but i pressed on. i was giggling, groaning and grunting for the rest of the way but i sure was having a blast!


BottleBlonde said...

Do you listen to music on your biking treks?

handling olympus said...

no. i haven't done that much but i have thought about it. it's good to be able to hear the cars approaching from behind when i'm on the narrower roads. sometimes cars whiz by and startle me - not sure what would happen if i was under the influence of music. i am going to experiment some with the ipod and see.
any special reason you ask?

Ms. Grrrl said...

Biking under the influence of music, huh? What would that be... BWH (Biking While Hip). Just to make sure it's hip enough, you should listen to something that's "totally underground -- you probably wouldn't know them."

BottleBlonde said...

Oh, I was just asking because I'm so mentally void that I can't imagine going a moment of my life without some type of noise and/or music reverberating in my head. Just wondered if you were the same. I see you are not. I see your safety comes first. That's probably a good thing.