Monday, July 16, 2007

UNlazy man update

yesterday was good. as i wrote in my last post, i rode for an hour yesterday morning and did my usual sunday morning stuff. the kids were out and about at friends' houses so i spent some time waiting for them, picking them up and shuttling them about; i really didn't get home until 4:00. I watched a DVD from last week's camp and followed that with a short couch snooze. took A over to Curt's and while he cut the grass, I sent text messages and played tetris.
finally ended up on the roof at 7:30 to replace the motor for the cooler. m helped some. that was cool 'cause i need the help and his neighborhood friends were riding around and he got to be seen as a mechanic guy while he watched them from the rooftop vantage point. new motor is on and working like a charm.

i rose early again this morning (5:30) and rode for an hour and 15. since this is the first back to back ride i've done in a loong time, my legs were tired from yesterday; they were tight and felt as if they were going to cramp. they didn't cramp. i rode, and it was a blast as always. rode west out to the business park i discovered a few weeks ago and explored some neighborhoods near there. the business park is a cool place to ride. it's new. streets are wide and make a long loop. barely anyone that works in all those offices goes to work before 8 am.

i plan on making some people uncomfortable at work today. us barbarians can't have fun unless we are causing trouble, right? i'll keep you posted.


Queen of the Mayhem said...

Sounds like you got a lot accomplished! I am tired just reading about it! :)

handling olympus said...

it feels really good to accomplish. i spend too much time being lazy. watching TV, internet are big time wasters for me.