Thursday, July 12, 2007


Had a great leadership team meeting last night. The team wants to build this program in a healthy way. That means saying "no" to good things right now. They agree that we need to narrow the focus and do one thing REALLY well before we start doing too many things and become mediocre. What a huge relief. This is a really good. Now we need to take this out to the whole organization to get complete commitment.

Took L, A and T to breakfast this morning. L and I are proceeding delicately. Things are okay. Problems still lurk beneath the surface and we both know that too well. She didn't mention if she scheduled the first marriage doctor appointment. I didn't ask.
Watched youtube vids of guitar greats with A this morning. Turning him on to DiMeola, McLaughlin, Coryell, Morse, Vai and more. It's fun! He likes Hendrix a lot! All is well. I can die happy.

Will go bike shopping tonight! yeehaw!

I love my kids so much. So much joy interacting with them. SO MUCH! thank God for my children. My family.

"Breathe Into Me" by RED is a good tune.

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