Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rider's Log 7.15.07- Troll!

I rode my mountain bike about 13 miles Monday morning along the open space trail that runs through the city. It was the usual on this trail - feeling great on the way out, cruising along, passing joggers, exchanging "good mornings" with people out early, wondering how i got in such good shape so fast.
Then, somehow, it happens. Whenever i reach my turn around point on this trail, someone, something, sneaks out and attaches a 31.6 pound invisible sled to my bike. I never see it happen although i always keep a look out for this person, this troll; but, i know it has happened because i feel myself dragging it all the way home. i can't see it. i can't hear it. it doesn't even leave marks in the trail, but it is obviously there.
This morning - same ride, same experience. I hope to out run that troll someday. Kick it in the teeth. leave it behind.
I looked in the mirror a while back and realizee that the same troll had attached a 20 pound giant bagel around my waist. damn troll. (and all along i thought i was eating ice cream..not bagels. i hardly ever eat bagels anymore. how'd i get a bagel around me. looks like a damn floatie. a water melon even.)

the good news in it all is that i've got 25 miles done so far this week. my long ride this week will be Friday morning early. my goal is 75 for the week.


Queen of the Mayhem said...

Waist bagel notwithstanding....13 miles is REALLY impressive!

I think I might be feeling it after 1!

If you find that troll...the one that slipped the bagel around your waist...kick his EXTRA hard for me!

Kim from Kansas said...

I know that 31.6-pound sled!

This may sound funny, but did you eat anything before you went on your ride? You may know this already, but it could help to just even eat half a banana or half your breakfast before you go.

Rach said...

Hey John, you write with great style. I like the "troll" analogy. I enjoy reading and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work and best wishes,
rach - cambridge, UK