Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tuesday Mornings

Many of us struggle with our bosses at work, don't we?
My boss boss is uninspiring and pretty unwilling to lead. He doesn't have a mindset to caste vision for what the future can be with the organization as a whole and he doesn't have a bone in his body to kick A and hold people accountable. He's unwilling to offend on principal and he's either completely clueless about leading an organization or he is completely evil and scheming. i don't think it's the later.
While i run the semi-independent division that mentors children, he is responsible for the overall organization. He works directly with the Board and has his hands in many things - unless having his hand in it means it might get burned. "no pain, please. this should be comfortable, right?"
Tuesday morning staff meetings are typical of his lack of leadership. Today's 1.75 hour meeting could have been done in 20 minutes. 20 minutes that needed us all present. The rest was strictly informational and could have been done in an email.
It's frustrating. He has read the right books but minimalizes and rationalizes why he can't do what he reads. He has hired 4 staff people recently from thriving, growing, contemporary programs that he would like to duplicate; yet, he refuses to let them(us) advise him from our experience. "It can't be done!" he says.
I know I have a part to play here in developing my division. I am wired to think of greater vision and plans for the future. I think in terms of values and purpose. I do have wide open possibilities to the extent that I can plan, prepare, lead and influence. There is, however, no greater compelling vision that motivates the whole organization and calls the people to something better. This will always limit us.
Because of that, I have to sit in on an intensely boring "administrative" meeting every Tuesday. I don't like administrative.

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BottleBlonde said...

I can certainly relate. I worked under your boss's female counterpart a few years ago. The whole "it can't be done" excuse really dampens the spirit, doesn't it?

It sounds as if YOU are the leader in this situation. Any chance you'll vie for your boss's position one day?