Monday, July 23, 2007

Wisdom of Ralph 2

I really love the Simpson's. Ralph is one of my favs. He's the kid no one wants to hang around with. The one that's always saying stupid things. The ultimate marginalized child. In my business, that makes him my hero.

If rice is wiggling, it's not rice.
If you put something far enough back in your nose, it will come out your mouth.
A puppy can grow up to be president of America, but a kitten cannot.

I ate a smelly toadstool,
like a happy little elf.
I danced around the meadow,
and then i soiled myself.

I ate an orange crayon.
I drank from a big cup.
I ate a bunch of cat food,
then i puked it up.


Kim from Kansas said...

Now I remember him. Isn't he the one with that great laugh? Haaa-Ha! I was into the Simpsons 15 years ago...What's that saying---What's old is new again.

GoteeMan said...

now you have me laughing. Thanks for a great start to my day!

Ralph is cool.