Thursday, July 12, 2007

"ies" "just and "kind of"

Something that REALLY bothers me is putting "ies" on the end of a word. For example - "veggies" or "snackie" food - two words that make my skin crawl. Don't know why; it just happens.
Also, I'm really annoyed with the use of the words "just" and "kind of" as a way to be weak in communicating. "I just wanted to let you that we kind of decided that you are fired." Listen and you'll hear it often. It's weak and they are useless words in most contexts. Especially annoying is using the word "just" in prayer. It minimizes our permission to go before God boldly. What do you think?


DG said...

hmm.. i'll remember that the next time i email you. I don't think i use "ies" a lot, but i know for sure that use "just" and "kind of". it might be hard for me to not use "just" but i'll give it try, JUST for you. =)

handling olympus said...

you are funny, DG. i use just sparingly. i do use it. just try not to use it and i'll be so happy.

In_spired said...

"ies" "just and "kind of"

I've realized recently how often I use the word "just" and the words "kind of"!! I'm trying to break the habit.

I wonder how many people I've offended by this usage? Certainly something to think about.