Saturday, July 14, 2007

LAzy maN with a question

L and the kids went down south to see her sis and family before they cruise back to N. Carolina.
I stayed back so I could ride, fix the cooler on the roof and spend a few at the office.
I didn't ride.
I did buy a new motor for the cooler fan and made an attempt to install. (Need another run to Home Depot for a new pulley.)
Spent hours online cruising blogs. it's fascinating to me to read about other people in other places. why? what do i get from it? what do i hope to get from it? connection with other people? anyone have insight for me on this? i need to understand myself on this one. LP, any ideas?
i'm at the office now. finishing a bit of work. mark that off the list, at least.
tomorrow i will get up way early to ride for a bit.
i will replace the cooler motor.
i will cut the grass and do some yard work.
i will take A to cut Curt's grass. (good friends that are out of town)
i might even do more than that...we'll see.


Lisa said...

I can get into modes where I cruise blogs and constantly check for updates to blogs and comments. I do believe it has to do with wanting to feel connected. At work especially, I hunt for blog updates to keep a connection to "real life" outside of the cubicle. So while I file and copy and make labels all day, I can think about people's funny vacation stories or new pictures they posted instead, and it makes time go by faster.

BottleBlonde said...

I'm not sure what you get from stalking other people's blogs, but I can tell you what I get from it: cheap thrills.

But seriously, I enjoy the pseudo-connection I gain from interacting with people I've never met. Makes me feel like I'm not the only weirdo on this earth. I also enjoy giving my two cents in the form of comments and receiving others' two cents in the form of comments. It's good for the ego.

handling olympus said...

you are right, it is good for the ego. we can try and build a blogging empire! we can be the most popular kids around. "hey! look at me!"
i think we just all really want to be noticed. or that's

BottleBlonde said...

Blogging empire. I LOVE it. World domination!!!

Of course I want to be noticed, just like you do. Half the time I sport shirts that read Look at Me! Look at Me! You think that's too humble?