Thursday, July 12, 2007

First Ride and home alone

I took the bike out this evening for the first official ride. Two things - what a great ride and I am SO out of shape right now. i only rode for an hour; the wind was stiff from the south.
The bike rides really well. Stiff and sort of plush at the same time. I went up to around 30 mph on a downhill and it was super steady and felt very secure. The shifting is pretty crisp most of the time and the climbing is solid (i have to assume because i am a slug)
i got honked at by to a-hole drivers within about a half mile. a wuss in a lexus and a punk in a blazer. i let them know they were invited to come back for a piece of my bike pump in their face. it's amazing to me that people do that - especially with all the "share the road" signs around in the area.
L and the kids went to her parents house today for a planned visit. her sister and family is (are?) coming into town on tuesday so they'll all get to hang at her parents for 4 days. i get to be home alone for the week. it'll be nice to relax and be casual about everything. waking up, eating, sleeping, clothes, no clothes, tv, movies - everything.
i'm going to go up there for the 4th.

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