Thursday, July 12, 2007


I figured out that i worked 72 hours last week serving over 700 children and 250 adults. 22 of the hours i worked were from saturday morning at 9 a.m. until sunday at 2 p.m. woosh.
the recovery has started. i slept in - 1 hour. felt like crap when i woke up. took tylenol 'cause my body won't let me change my schedule without punishing me and went to coffee with one of my lead team members. great conversation. he's liking what i am doing with the organization and is ready to change faster. don't think he would have been this way 9 months ago. i'll take the credit; at least some of the credit.
at home L tried to bully confront me out of my week long funk. didn't work. i walked away from the insults. she took a shot at me while i was sitting on the couch next to T. cheap. bad form even for an argument. left for work telling her that i wasn't playing games. i simply had nothing to give her emotionally. i didn't want to engage and take the shots. my fuse was too short and the kids were around.
on the drive to work it exploded. the pussy, oozing sore of a hurting relationship. she called, said i was stupid, i hung up. called her back and let it fly. she let it fly. 20 minutes of letting it fly that felt like crashing into a ditch full of shit.
we are back to "we need help. i love you. i'm mad at you. we need help." she's making the calls today because i don't care WHO we see as long as we see. she can pick so she doesn't throw a bad counselor fit back in my face later. i'm all for it. heck. she won't even let me pick dinnner. "I just want to go where you want to go," she says. Riiiiiiight, dear.

working half days M-W. off thurs-sat. should be good. needed and good.
regards to all

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